The Inner Workings of Honeybee Swarms - A First-hand experience

Watch live recorded footage of a bee family arriving to their newly selected home and move into a small beehive, a nuc box. We were lucky to catch the queen on camera, as well as how bees build a ladder or bridge to help their sisters climb into their new home. I used this image as the video thumbnail below.

I added some commentary to the video. We rewind our clock about 3 weeks and review what happens shortly before the colony decides to swarm. I talk about the democratic debate that bees hold to decide where their next home is going to be. If you want to learn more about this miracle, check out Thomas Seeley’s book, Honeybee Democracy .

If you’re here to see the queen in the swarm, jump to minute 6:00.

If you’re interested in watching the bees use their own bodies to construct a bridge, fast forward to minute 8:00 in the video.

Have you ever seen a bee swarm? What did it feel like?

Anything that impressed you from the video?

Anything you’d like to learn about? Share it in the comments below.

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