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More about this Saturn photo

Tips for teachers leading virtual classes (with Zoom)

With COVID-19 upon us, bringing school closures and shelter in place orders, we all need to change gears and adjust to call of the times. Here I collected some of the best practices I learned first hand from running and participating in online sessions throughout the years. [...]

Cognitive Real-Time IoT

This example demonstrates how you can control physical devices through natural voice commands over the Web in real time. For the physical device I used a reading lamp, but as you'll see, it can be any electric device, really. In my simple scenario I control the lights in 4 rooms of a house. I use a Web app on my computer to give free form voice commands (it could be a mobile app just as easily). The voice command is then converted to text in the cloud by IBM's cognitive engine, Watson. After processing the text, I identify the action(s) that need(s) to be taken. The action is then submitted to control the lights, and is published to the monitoring clients for real-time monitoring. [...]

The Day the Earth Smiled

On July 19, 2013, in an event celebrated the world over, NASA's Cassini spacecraft slipped into Saturn's shadow and turned to image the planet, seven of its moons, its inner rings -- and, in the background, our home planet, Earth. [...]

The Definitive Guide to HTML5 WebSocket

This is my book about WebSocket. The book provides an introduction to WebSocket, then describes the WebSocket API and Protocol and provides hands-on examples. We deep dive into three use cases for WebSocket, all using higher-level standard protocols (text and binary) over WebSocket. We walk through building a grown-up version of a chat application using XMPP/WS, a rock-paper-scissors game using pub-sub and STOMP/WS, and desktop sharing using RFB/WS (VNC). Finally, we examine security and deployment considerations. [...]

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